Looking for New England/Massachusetts recommendations...again!

I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced cosmetic dentist in the southern mass/rhode island area.  My first dentures 5 years ago were expensive (3K) and I still didn't love them...He's a great dentist but I don't think he loves doing them either.

So does anybody have a recommendation?  I'd just like someone for the dentures...I will stick with my other dentist for regular dental care.

Oh, and lest I forget...unless your dentures are completely, firmly secured or nailed do NOT go into heavy ocean waves with them...I can't tell you that sinking feeling (pun intended) as I watched them drop into the sea when an outgoing wave literally sucked them out of my mouth......fortunately I had a backup -- but there's an expensive lesson learned.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Don't know if you can 'bump' on this site -- but if I can...It's December 2020 and I am still looking for recommendations in the Southern New England area for someone who liked their dentures and where they had them done.  It's fine to recommend franchises -- but as you can often see by reviews it all depends on the actual person who does your work.  There are so many stories of people not happy with the work or feeling ignoredor feeling charges were unreasonable. So anyone who might have a suggestion -- I would appreciate. Thank you!

dont know anything about up there, hope you find what your looking for, keep us updated. 

Hi Cleo, my partner and I enjoyed your story about your dentures being sucked out of your mouth as that also happened to her many years ago. She was fortunate enough  to have some swimmers nearby who searched underwater to find them. The strong undercurrent moved them 20 feet from her and with no spare set, she was a happy person. Seasonal Greetings, Patricia

great story patty

Thanks Dealecrabr, My partner Dot says it's not the wave that smacks you in the face, it's the same returning wave that realises you have your mouth open gasping for breath. Hahaha.  Pat

dealecrabr said:

great story patty

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