So I was supposed to get extractions and immediate dentures on Thursday and see the dentist after the extractions it was canceled because of that massive storm on Thursday in the north east.  So they changed it today.  

I got the surgery today who’s seems to be doing good.. I also got my unmediated but they seem so big they are lottery like flopping around I said they were big they said it’s for selling .  

so questions .

They are so loose I worried about them causing more issues then not.

would it cause an issue if I didn’t wear them until my follow on Monday?  

do they make so big for swelling ?  

thank you for any advice 

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you will get a soft reline soon that will tighten them up, they usually give permission to use a little glue after a week so the healing where the stitches are doesnt get ripped open. i used a little glue earlier than the dentist wanted, then a cheap reline kit from walmart, then densure fit finally. you will be eating what you want soon 

Thank you for the reply I have them out aT the moment I can not even talk they do anything with them in just sitting there and doing nothing they fall out.. I go I. On Monday cause they are so loss it’s crazy but I’m sure they will fix them.. well I hope them..

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