I’m so scared getting my full top denture in a week. I’ve had literal nightmares of my teeth coming out. Due to clenching and years of cyclical vomiting/enamel erosion I now have 2 front crowns and a partial. The 2 crowns have come out once and I realize I don’t really have that many teeth up there anyway, but I’m scared what it will feel like with no denture in.. just no teeth and just gums. I’m worried I will hate these ridiculously expensive dentures or how bad it will hurt. I’m scared of the recovery. I have an extremely supportive husband, but we have a 1 year old to take care of. I really need to hear about positive eventual experiences or any helpful, anxiety relieving advice thank you. I’m seriously shaking typing this. Thank you in advance.

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I got the option but I was in the most pain I’ve ever experienced there was no way.... I go tomorrow to try and see if they will fit

sounds like you should get the good stuff for pain,,, im sure they would call in a script for you, did you use ice

I did get pain meds (with a refill) but I’m glad to be off them now and my swelling has gone down quite a bit. I go to my dentist tomorrow to have him fit my temporary denture and in 6 months or so I’ll get my permanent ones that’ll connect with the implants they put in. A horseshoe shape that clicks in. It’s just a long process. I’m ready for tomorrow though I’ve followed every direction they gave me! I’m crossing fingers it goes well (and thank you everybody for the support and advice!)

good to hear miss stacey, keep on the sunny side

So I got my temporary denture today!!! I really like it and can already speak pretty well and can slowly eat soft food! It really looks great I’m feeling so relieved! It makes all the trauma and pain and depression all worth it! And the best part is in 6 months I get my permanent horseshoe shaped implant denture!!! This was a really good decision I’m seeing now!!! Yay

Christmas came early 

It really did!!!!

Good news! Sounds like you're doing much better! 

Thank you! Yes, I def am.... I had to make an earlier appointment to go back in to the dentist today I’m already having shrinkage and it needs adjusted. I’m def not complaining anymore, this is supposed to be normal and after today it’ll fit better and I’ll still be happy!!! This group has helped so much!!! You are all so great! I kinda can’t believe I didn’t make this leap sooner, but better late than never!!! ♥️

You get used to it. Its a shocker at first, IMO. I got mine done when I was 22ish. Im 33 now, and its literally no big deal. I was a Dental Assistant in the same practice that pulled my lowers and I got to share my experience with my Denture patients! They loved it. You'll be absolutely fine, its just like anything. You'll adapt to it and honestly, there are some days that I have to wonder if Im even wearing mine haha! 

Thank you so much Whitney! I can’t wait to get my permanent implant ones in 6 months! I think it helps knowing these are temporary but I still love the way they look and they aren’t nearly as bad as I was worried they’d be! In a way I almost love them more than any version of teeth I’ve ever had! They look so perfect and most importantly natural ❤️

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