Day 3 after full extractions and feeling overwhelmed by the pain!

Hey everyone! I am a new member, joined a couple of days ago. I had all of my teeth extracted 3 days ago and chose to not have immediate dentures put in. I knew it would be painful obviously but OMG it is brutal!!! I've been taking my Tylenol 3s and my Advil every four hours, but it only seems to work for a couple of hours and then I have to wait in pain for another two hours before I can take more!

Someone please tell me it will get easier soon! I've only gotten two hours of sleep at a time since Thursday and I am getting cranky from a lack of sleep, plus of course the pain!

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips to get me through this? I would really REALLY appreciate it!!

Thank you <3

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hopefully you are using ice and sleeping upright or elevated, some have pain and struggle in the beginning, some less, some not much,,, i was fortunate to have none which relates to what i was going thru before,, 

I am in same boat...excruciating pain until I used politeness to glue them down...the dentures had been rubbing into my open wounds


Poligrip not politeness lol

be careful with glue when you have stitches and could open up the sockets by ripping the stitches out

Yeah, it sucks first week or so. I just had 31 teeth pulled 3 weeks ago, with immediate dentures on top, and while they (aspen dental) sent me hone with written instructions, they forgot the second page of them....made it “interesting” to say the least. First week I kept them in, and didn’t sleep much. Did t at in a bed either, every time I fell asleep the top would fall into my mouth and I would wake up choking. It gets better. Just hang in there

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