So I'm new here and I had all my teeth removed. I never really looked into how the process goes, so I have been learning on my own and it's been 2 months and These are some of the things I eat that I think are awesome without chewing. I put them in order I like best. Hope this helps people.

1. Enchilladas with beans and rice

2. Sloppy Joe with cheesy rice

3. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns (smashed tator tots)

4. twinkies and krispy kreme donuts (lol)

5. tamales

6. Cheetos cheese puffs ( you put them in your mouth and you take a drink of soda or whatever and then you suck the juice off the cheese puff and it breaks down easily)

7. pulled pork with pork & beans

8. bread ( I hear a lot of people say you can't eat bread) take the edges off and put butter and sprinkle sugar on the butter :)

9. Pizza (pizza hut) So... so far I found out the only pizza soft enough to eat, where you don't have to chew is pizza hut's stuffed crust.. The only thing is you have to eat it as soon as it gets delivered or you pick it up.. (the colder it gets, the harder it is to eat) and reheating pizza never tastes good or lasts at staying soft again.

10. mashed potatoes with gravy, lipton soup (sure everyone knows this)

There's other little dumb things like bananas etc. but I'm sure everything else people know.. Like I said I'm new here and I don't really know how I feel about all this. kinda numb to what I just did with getting all the teeth removed. I really regret getting my teeth removed. And all I read on here is people saying it was the best thing ever. I feel the opposite. I feel like I should've hang on to the teeth as long as I could've. Right now I feel like I'll never eat with the teeth I have. But I am at peace with eating the stuff I am eating right now for the rest of my life. Anyhow I first came here cuz I thought I would like to get help. But I feel now, that I much rather help people that are about to go thru this If I can. So If you have ANY questions, send me a message(inbox) I WILL answer.  :) 

(All For The Love of God)

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Do you have dentures??

Sounds like you do have immediates but they are not working for you. Bad fit? Sore spots? Bone shards?

Whatever the problem is you really need to see your dentist (or find a new one) so that your problems can be worked on and corrected. You definitely shouldn't give up and figure you have to live the rest of your life without teeth! That's not acceptable for anyone!

Please follow up with your dentist who obviously didn't deliver the *service* that you paid for!

Best wishes for getting that smile back!

(Responding to Danielle and Cara) I have inplants on the bottom and dentures on top (they are both temps or immediates). I don't have any problems with them. I just don't think I can eat with them. I just feel like I'm gagging when I try to swallow. The only thing I hate about the upper dentures is I can't wear them when I exercise ( I run 8-10 miles a day mon-fri ) I mean the other excercises like jumprope, push-ups, weights... etc etc. is fine cuzz I am at home. So nobody can see me. But when I run I run in public and it's pretty embarrassing feeling. (I know nobody really sees me, but I can't help to still feel embarrassed). Thinking about.... one thing I do hate is EVERYONE told me, that after having all my teeth removed from the absess and what not I would have soooo much energy. I totally feel the opposite. I feel so weak. I still exercise the same just because I know I can do the workouts. But I just don't feel the energy or strength I used to feel before. But like I said I'm at peace with eating the things I eat now without teeth for the rest of my life.. I just made this discussion to let people know awesome foods you can still eat without chewing :) 
Danielle said:

Do you have dentures??

That's pretty much what I had too Stephanie.. I had all my front teeth on top and bottom. I think 6 on top and 7 or 8 in bottom (I don't remember lol, and I never took pics with mouth open so I can't look at a pic to tell) But I REALLY REALLY regret getting all my teeth pulled. I was able to eat ANYTHING except steak ( and that was only because I wouldn't try to, in fear of breaking a tooth) I would get like an absess or two in the back at least once every 3 months. but that pain would only last 1-3 days. And I would totally live with that than to be living the way I am now. I just wish I would've kept them as long as I could've. But everyone around me was just like "getting it done, you will feel sooo much better" ... it wasn't true.. But I also want to say everyones case is different. This is just my feelings :)
stephanie h said:

I agree with the Krispie Cremes! I only have 11 teeth left(5 front/top and 6 all in front/bottom. My molars have been gone for a year and a half.I have learned to eat just about everything even potato chips..I can eat meat to if it has been cooking in the crock pot all day(like a pork roast) Beef is a little tough to chew..I eat sandwiches and enchiladas, tacos (soft shell) meatloaf, chicken, hot dogs, etc.. I have an appointment with Affordable Dentures on July 30th to get partials for now. I will wait to get all of them pulled (hopefully) in Jan 2015 when my insurance reboots..I'm sorry you feel you cant eat with your teeth in.  Thanks for the food suggestions:) The cheesy rice sounds good..

What a great list.

Thank you! I never would have even thought of cheeto puffs, my fav chips, and most of the foods on your list that's gonna help out so much!!

ty I tried :)
MrsCharlaV said:

What a great list.

Ya thank god for cheese puffs !!!!!
desiree conly said:

Thank you! I never would have even thought of cheeto puffs, my fav chips, and most of the foods on your list that's gonna help out so much!!

4 weeks out from eday here.  Believe it or not the easiest meat I've had so far was BBQ ribs.  Friday we got them from a local BBQ place and Sat hubby picked up a package of Tony Roma pre made heat and eat ribs at the grocery store.  Both were fall off the bone tender and easy to eat.  Also potato salad from the deli.  This week I made meatballs and they were easier than the pasta.  But penne pasta is easier than spaghetti because its too hard to get all the little strands positioned in the teeth.  Oatmeal is hard to do with teeth in but easy early in the day before I put them in.  I did manage about 4 slices of Little Cesars cheesy bread cut into tiny bites and dipped in sauce while hubby had pizza.  When all else fails, cake and ice cream works.  I'm not a patient person so it's been hard for me not to feel like I'll never eat normal again, but hubby assures me I will based on his experience with his mom and dad having had dentures for as long as he can remember.

Thanks say 3 here been missing not eating but u got some stuff on the list I havent thought of

Hi Awake,

Thanks for your suggestions.  They include some I had not seen before.  So thanks so much.

You say you are sorry you got your teeth pulled.  Were they saveable?  Just curious.

One thing I don't notice, watermelon - damn it's better without teeth than with them.  

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